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For most people, a DUI charge is followed by panic. How will this affect my life? How much will it cost? Will I lose my license? Will this show up on my criminal record? Can I fight it?

Strategic Criminal Defense Against Drunk Driving Charges — Protect Your Future

With skilled legal representation, you can fight for the best possible outcome, given the circumstances of the arrest and your prior record. The attorneys of the law firm of James W. Curry are experienced in representing those who are facing DUI charges. We thoroughly investigate your specific situation and put together a defense strategy that accomplishes the best possible outcome.

If you have been arrested for DUI, you need to know your attorney is committed to getting results. Call our office today for a consultation to know what you’re up against and what we can do to help. Call 901-730-6005.

We will immediately investigate exactly how the stop and arrest took place, looking at the reason you were pulled over, how tests were administered and why police officers decided to arrest you. We will create a defense on your behalf that protects your rights and minimizes the consequences you face.

If you are a first-time offender, sentencing will be much less than for those with prior offenses. Any kind of criminal record — particularly previous DUI convictions — complicate your defense. Even a second offense can result in an automatic 45 days in jail. We are experienced in handling DUIs with prior offenses and know the steps to take to protect your interests, as much as possible.

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