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Traffic Violations

Many people assume a traffic violation is just an inconvenience that will have no significant impact on their life, beyond paying a fee or possibly showing up to a court date. These offenses, however, can quickly pile up to create a significant problem. With enough points on your record, your driver’s license could be suspended or revoked, resulting in costly court and administrative fees. On top of that, your insurance can skyrocket with just one moving violation.

Representation That Will Protect You From The Impact Of Traffic Violations

It is important you take these matters seriously and work with legal representation to handle the situation in the most effective manner possible, preventing the violations from hurting your future. The attorneys at the law firm of James W. Curry are committed to zealously advocating on behalf of clients facing speeding tickets and traffic violations. We represent both commercial and noncommercial drivers.

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Our firm represents drivers facing all types of traffic violations, including speeding tickets, no-registration offenses, driving without tags, reckless driving, failure to yield and distracted driving. We are familiar with local courts, administrators and judges, and are knowledgeable of how to get results. We will represent your interests in all hearings and administrative proceedings.

In rare cases, the court will require a trial. Should this occur, we are prepared to protect your interests, handling the matter in court.

If you lose your license, it is a long and complicated process to have the privileges reinstated. We are experienced in fighting to have a license reinstated as efficiently as possible, minimizing the expense and time for the client.

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